stars shine brighter

how does she
make the stars shine brighter
everytime her lips
curve upward?


She looks so pretty with her hair down. I wonder if she noticed me staring at her while she was talking to me? 

Have A Spine

I say hi
You look away,
You continue walking by
No words you say,

Have a spine

Wow, what a smile. What a beautifully beautiful smile. She’s got me hooked on that smile! 

Her: You should totally join! =D

Me: You think so? :$

i walk as much as i can

Yeah, university started again,
There’s an influx of new freshman,
Yeah, it’s an ocean of beautiful women,

I walk as much as I can 

dear summer

dear summer,

thank you for letting me breathe
for letting me clear my mind 
for allowing me to contemplate
and allowing me to unwind,

i feel really good right now
and am ready
to allow my emotions to flow again  


I’d Like

I’d like for you to gaze
At my intrepid eyelashes
As you place your hair against my lap,

I’d like for you to smell
The drops of scent drifting
As your place your nose against my tummy,

I’d like to breath in
The aroma of sweet nectar
As I place my hand within your hand,

I’d like to watch you
As you sway in every which way
As you place my hand against your neck

I Love Being Judged

Mmmm.. I love how people judge me. Judge judge judge… thats all people are good at doing over here it seems. It’s not like I’m a human being or have feelings or anything, just continue to judge me until it gets personal… just cause I’m different from you.

Now would be the perfect time to say hello to me, miss glowing cheeks. 

I want you.